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La Negligenza, Enrico Pellegrini's second novel, was published by Marsilio in 1997 (and by Bompiani in 1999, and Marsilio in 2016) and won the prestigious Premio Selezione Campiello.

La Negligenza narrates the age of entertainment, zealously taking us from one party to the next, from a Bora Bora cocktail to a Bull Shot.


Four seasons, twelve chapters, twelve parties, and a dark cloud looming...

Enrico, Luca, Coso, Davide, Franz and Marinella belong to the world of aristocracy, they share the rituals, but they're not stuck or bored, there's a freshness about them and a touch of bewilderment found in those who don't yet know what path life will take. The merry-go-round is dizzying and it's hard to get off. 


And so we move from gentlemanly Turin, to San Francisco and New York, from Harvard to Venice and Prague, from an Apollonian and technological jet-set, to a declining aristocracy, from the fashion world to the Californian smart set, to prostitutes in Prague.   

The dolce vita of the nineties… but all of a sudden the circle comes to a close, and one will pay for it all, hurdling down from the ephemeral world to the world of responsibility. 


"Any reader should bend over backward to read La Negligenza… one of the best novels of the Nineties" Gianfranco Franchi 

“Pellegrini's writing is dry, neat, capable of etching characters and entire social classes, with a just a few, secure touches, yet leaving always around them a devastating melancholy, even more acute because it is so young and yet so definitive…La Negligenza is truly a beautiful book, a great novel” LA STAMPA

“An "epochal" writing… in other words, a "new" type of language... Let’s cut to the chase, this is a good novel, an exceptional novel” LA REPUBBLICA


“La Negligenza, brief and intense, cheerful and desperate, is a must read… a novel-diary which is a shot to the heart” IL GIORNALE


"Why say that all current literature is trash and pulp? Here is the most beautiful novel that reminds Fitzgerald" L'ESPRESSO 

“It's absolutely surprising how Pellegrini is able to gather his own mature "poetry of pain" from the vivid portrait of this generation… And has found a title that has already the strength of a moral category, La Negligenza… a title which, without mincing words, has all the right stuff for becoming famous” L’UNITA’ 

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